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Helium Information

Helium is used to make balloons float. Helium balloon gas is a safe, non-flammable, non-toxic gas which is lighter than air. It can be used safely either indoors or outdoors, provided appropriate care and attention is taken.

Helium Safety Advice

  • NEVER drag a cylinder along the ground. 
  • Use cylinders in an upright position and secure them to prevent toppling.
  • Do not attempt to catch a falling cylinder; move out of the way.
  • The valve on high-pressure balloon gas cylinders should never be opened unless the appropriate filling kit is attached.
  • Keep the cylinder in a well ventilated area away from fire risk and sources of heat. Do not store in damp areas.
  • Always secure cylinders if transporting them and keep them ventilated.
  • Always remove the filling kit if transporting them.
  • Remember to turn off the cylinder valve (on top of the tank) before attempting to remove the filling kit.
  • Never allow children or unauthorised persons to handle or use the tanks.
  • Always use a trolley for moving large cylinders of helium.
  • Never use equipment which may be damaged.
  • Never attempt to repair a helium tank or inflation equipment that you think may be damaged.
  • When inflating balloons, point the filling kit/inflator away from you.
  • When inflating large balloons, you may wish to use eye protection in case of bursting.
For more information refer to the "Helium Safety Data Sheet".

Rental Helium Cylinders

Name Maxi Midi Mini
Size X30S X20W X10W
Contents 7.82m3 5.21m3 2.61m3
Weight 49kg 25kg 12kg
Height 1050mm 870mm 655mm
Diameter 230mm 203mm 176mm
Balloon Type Number of balloons filled per cylinder
9" Latex 935 620 310
10" Latex 860 575 290
11" Latex 605 400 200
12" Latex 495 330 165
16" Latex 195 130 65
18" Foil 535 360 180

Helium Balloon Capacity & Float Times

The listed average inflation sizes, flying times, and numbers of balloons per helium tank are conservative averages. Actual flying times may vary depending on temperature and atmospheric conditions.

Latex & Cloudbuster Balloon Helium Chart

Balloon Type Inflated Diameter Lift Ability Gas Capacity Avg. # per 242ft3 tank Avg. Float Time*
5" (13cm) Round5" (13cm)N/A0.06 cu ft (.002m3)N/A N/A
9" (23cm) Round9" (23cm)0.2 oz. (6g)0.25 cu ft (.007m3)90012-16 hours
11" (28cm) Standard & Special Colors11" (28cm)0.35 oz. (10g)0.5 cu ft (.015m3)48418-24 hours
11" (28cm) Metallic & Pearl Colors11" (28cm)0.35 oz. (10g)0.5 cu ft (.015m3)48416-18 hours
16" (41cm) Round16" (41cm)1.2 oz. (34g)1.5 cu ft (.042m3)16030+ hours
18" (46cm) Round18" (46cm)1.8 oz. (51g) 2 cu ft (.056m3)12136+ hours
24" (61cm) Round24" (61cm)4 oz. (120g) 5 cu ft (.142m3)482-4 days
6" (15cm) Heart6" (15cm)N/A0.05 cu ft (.002m3)N/A N/A
11" (28cm) Heart11" (28cm)0.1 oz. (3g)0.3 cu ft (.009m3)8068 hours
15" (38cm) Heart15" (38cm)0.4 oz. (11g)0.61 cu ft (0.020m3)39612 hours
3' (.9m) Heart3' (91cm)6 oz. (168g)7 cu ft (.198m3)343-5 days
12" (38cm) Quick Link12" (31cm)0.5 oz. (14g)0.6 cu ft (0.02m3)39612+ hours
16" (41cm) GEO Donut®16" (41cm) 0.5 oz. (14g)0.7 cu ft (.020m3)34522-26 hours
16" (41cm) GEO Blossom®16" (41cm)0.4 oz. (11g) 0.6 cu ft (.017m3)40318-24 hours
30" (76cm) Metallic & Pearl Colors30" (76cm)6.5 oz. (184g)8 cu ft (.226m3)303-5 days
3' (.9m) Giant (inflated to 2.5')2.5' (76cm)6.5 oz. (184g) 8 cu ft (.226m3)303-5 days
3' (.9m) Giant (inflated to 3.0')3.0' (91cm)12 oz. (339g)15 cu ft (.425m3)163-5 days
4' (1.2m) Cloudbuster**4' (1.2m)1.7 lb. (771g)34 cu ft (0.963m3)74-5 days
5.5' (1.7m) Cloudbuster**5.5' (1.7m)4.7 lb. (2.13kg)66 cu ft (1.868m3)48 days
8' (2.4m) Cloudbuster**8' (2.4m)15.5 lb. (7.03kg)267 cu ft (7.561m3)118 days
*The use of ULTRA HI FLOAT® balloon flight extender is recommended for all helium filled balloons. ULTRA HI FLOAT can extend flying times of latex balloons up to 25 times longer than untreated balloons. **Because the filling and usage of display balloons is beyond our control, no performance or longevity guarantee can be made.

Ultra Hi Float®

We recommend applying Ultra Hi Float to latex balloons. Ultra Hi Float can increase flying times by up to 25 times. Hi Float is available for purchase in our Balloon Decorating section.

Foil Balloon Helium Chart

Balloon DescriptionInflated Size</th>(Width x Height)Lift AbilityGas CapacityAvg. # per 242ft3 tank
18" (46cm) Heart14"x 13"36cm x 33cm0.1 oz. (2g)0.5 cu ft (.014m3)484
18" (46cm) Round13.5"x 13.5"34cm x 34cm0.1 oz. (2g)0.5 cu ft (.014m3)484
18" (46cm) Square13"x 13"33cm x 33cm0.1 oz. (3.5g)0.6 cu ft (.017m3)403
18" (46cm) Diamond18" x 17"46cm x 43cm0.14 oz. (4.06g)0.54 cu ft (0.015m3)448
20" (51cm) Star18" x 18"46cm x 45cm0.1 oz. (3g)0.6 cu ft (.017m3)403
24" (61cm) Round Crystal24" x 23"61cm x 58cm0.5 oz. (12.9g)1 cu ft (.03m3)231
24" (61cm) Heart Crystal24" x 23"61cm x 58cm0.4 oz. (11.8g)1 cu ft (.028m3)244
31" (79cm) Round24" x 24"61cm x 61cm1.5 oz. (43.6g)1.6 cu ft (.045m3)151
34" (86cm) Diamond28" x 28"71cm x 71cm1.5 oz. (43.7g)1.5 cu ft (.042m3)161
36" (91cm) Heart27.5"x 27"70cm x 69cm1.9 oz. (53g)4 cu ft (.113m3)61
36" (91cm) Round27"x 27"69cm x 69cm2.3 oz. (66g)4.4 cu ft (.125m3)55
36" (91cm) Star31.5"x 30"80cm x 76cm1.1 oz. (32g)2.5 cu ft (.071m3)97
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