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11" Link-O-Loon Satin Pearl Ivory Balloons 25 Pack

11" Link-O-Loon Satin Pearl Ivory Balloons 25 Pack

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Product Description

25 Pack of Ivory Satin Pearl Link O Loons!

LINK-0-LOON is a standard 30cm (11") Uninflated latex balloon with a very important difference it has a unique elongated tail, which is used to tie it to another balloon.

In this way simple chains or arches can be created without fishing line, quickly and easily. Complex shapes and matrices can be constructed without props, frames or other supports.

Now developed into a complete decorating system, LINK-O-LOON enables you to create Arches, Sound Shells, Self-supporting Columns, Corrals, Balloon Wall Curtains, 3 dimensional Mirror Balls, Dance Floor Canopies, Circles, Diamonds, Cubes, Squares, Stars and Sculptures.

Due to the speed and versatility of construction and endless design possibilities, youll be constantly amazed at the many ways LINK-O-LOON can be used to make you more creative

  • Model: BAL3000LOLI
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